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iComm Web Development

Designing a website requires more than pretty pictures.

Some website developers sell their clients on creating cool, state-of-the-art websites which end up being nothing more than eye candy. The slick designs are very nice, but the content and design often doesn't meet the marketing objectives.

At iComm, before anything else, we meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives. This preparation, along with a review of your competitors' websites, helps us plan what content should be on your website and how it should be organized. The organization of content, also called Information Architecture, becomes the framework for your new website.

From there, the iComm team begins the creative phase. Conceptual art direction and web copy will engage your prospects, conveying your selling messages. Well-conceived and executed content also helps encourage return visits to your site.

Once the art direction and the copy are finalized, the site truly begins to come to life. Our programmers use the latest technologies to develop a site to meet your communication and marketing objectives.

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