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iComm Web Development

Custom e-commerce solutions for any online store.

Yes, more and more people are buying online. With the proliferation of online purchases, many companies have created "off-the-shelf e-commerce packages" that they claim "integrate" into your website. The truth is that nothing "off-the-shelf" is full customizable and can not be fully integrated.

Many shoppers leave checkout processes when they don't trust the environment they are in. With today's online scams, many distrust a checkout screen that looks different than the rest of the website, especially if the website's address changes.

At iComm, we build fully customized e-commerce packages. The visual design, process, and the features you want are completely up to you.

Available E-Commerce Options and Features

  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes
  • Shipment Email Notifications
  • Promotional Codes
  • Wish Lists
  • Customer Account History
  • Sales Reporting
  • Fulfillment Email Notifications
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
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