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Optimize your website with SEO best-practices and drive more traffic.

Of course you want people to find you on the Internet when they search for terms relating to your product or services. But just putting up a website won't do it.

SEOWebsites should be built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. When iComm develops a new website, a variety of techniques are applied in programming, content development, and server configuration to help increase the probability of your website being listed for specific search terms.

Each search engine has its own set of standards and methods for indexing sites for specific terms. It is our business to keep up with these rules, especially since they change as fast as the technology does.

At iComm, we use these techniques in our core process of website development. Because the standards change, many businesses come to us after their site has been developed to help improve their search results. In fact, many industry experts recommend that search engine optimization be a continuous effort because of the change in regulations and the growing competition online for your search terms.


If you have an existing website and you would like to improve how it ranks on search engines, we can help. We won't promise you will be ranked #1, sorry. And if someone calls you and promises you that, ask them how they can guarantee that another website won't do a better job (hint: they can't guarantee that).

Feel free to contact us for a free SEO quote.

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