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HTML E-Mail Marketing helps foster brand relationships and increase sales.

If you have a website, stop now and consider if you should be collecting e-mail addresses on that website. Why? Because if someone is willing to give you their e-mail address for nothing, you could be sending them e-mail messages that help meet their needs with the products and services you offer.

iComm has developed HTML Email Campaigns for clients with great success. Our process is to:

  • Determine your marketing goals.
  • Create designs that are flexible in meeting your ongoing needs
  • Effectively program your HTML emails so they are not received as spam and are easily read by most if not all email clients (such as Outlook, Gmail, mobile devices, etc.).
  • Send the campaigns via professional third-party services dedicated to understanding best practices for delivery and providing analytics.
  • Analyze e-mail sending statistics and react when necessary.
Email Marketing

Email MarketingIf you want help creating a new e-mail marketing list, designing your HTML e-mail format, and managing your account, please call iComm.

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